Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Blood Donation in UPM

                14 Nov 2010 is indeed a special day for me. After the English Oral Interaction test, my friends and I go to food stalls behind South City to have lunch. Then, since we were near to South City, we planned to “take a look” to there.
                Girls are natural shopaholics. Even a single fashion or boutique can attract and made them spend time. Meanwhile, there was a blood donation campaign carried out in there. There was approximately half a year since the last time blood donation in the Malacca Matriculation. I wanted to donate blood.
                 However, a long line of people were waiting for their number being called. Two more days later, is our haematology assessment. Honestly, it is really a tough subject for all the medical students. We hope to spend more time on revision of that subject too. However, I really wished to donate my blood. The officer-in-charge initially said that they couldn’t help me. However, after I filled in the form. Another female woman was willing to help me.
                Guess what? Yes, I cut the line in every station. Being malapert, all I can do only was ignore those unhappy faces. So sorry to them, sincere apologised. They might think: “WTF, why this little kid can take his turn so fast and I have waited so long but still haven’t reached my turn.” I knew I was wrong.
                I successfully donated my blood. 450 ml of blood was contributed to the local blood bank. I was so happy because I had done something good and also something bad too. I spent only 36 minutes for the whole blood donation process, but others might need more than one and half an hour. This is why I feel guilty right now. The souvenirs were really abundant, more compared to previous two times.
                Due to I cut most of the lines, I didn’t want to stay long at that place. I asked the nurse to permit my leave. After the nurse plastered me, I quickly made a move. When driving back to K17, I was having a bit of dizziness suddenly.  My car was carrying 5 future doctors. I couldn’t get into accident. Luckily, we were near already and reached back K17 safely.
                I appreciate every little single thing. Donating blood, reaching every destination safely, receiving friends’ simple regard can rejoice me. Although blood donation is time-consuming, made me tired and hands feel weak, it still a worthwhile activity because many patient may survive just because of every single milliliter of your blood!

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