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Here, my matric life began.

Here, the first time I started to live independently.

Here, I had to study without tuition on my own.

Here, I gained freedom of doing what I want to do.

Here, I met all types of person.

Here, I met all my sincere friends and kind lectures.

Here, I celebrated my birthdaty first time with friends.

Here, I made Pesta Kebudayaan a success.

Here, I scored 4.00 pointer in PSPM1.

Here, I learned a lot of things.

Here, I mastered gimp2, flash, audacity, and kompozer.

Here, I felt extremely stressed because of PSPM2.

Here, I grew stronger and mature.

Here, is KMM.

Although one year programme is short,

but memories in here is 'unlimited'.

I think, perhaps, I will miss matriculation life.


CAFE A is near to block A (girls hostel) whereas

CAFE C is near to block C (boys hostel).

However, CAFE B is intermediate.

Therefore, many couples prefer dating in CAFE B to

enjoy their romantic dinner.

Furthermore, if u want to know friends in opposite sex better,

CAFE B is among the best choices.

All the cafes in KMM prepare delicious and clean food


and the prices are cheap and reasonable.

Sometimes, we celebrate birthday and banquet in here, cafe.

We come to CAFE not only to fulfill our stomach, but also to



Cold air conditioner, abundant information, quiet and well-studying.

Yes, it is the KMM Library.

I used to spend time in here.

To get knowledge and news,

I also can surf internet by using service provided by library in the Cybernet.

LIBRARY helped me a lot in my academic.

I always get my answer in here rather than finding lecturers.

Study is fun.

Library is just like a playground for the booklovers.


I remembered my first day in KMM.
My father drove the car in this ROAD,
kept searching,
where is 'bilik banquet'? where is C4-4-12?

Now, this road became so familiar.
I won't got lost in this road again.

I love to jog.
This is the road that I always jog in the evening or morning.

My mind flashed back to the days before LARIAN KAKOM.
I was so desirous to get a number.
So, I trained in 4.00 am when everyone still slumbered in sweet dream.
I woke up, bent to tie my shoelace nicely.
RAN for at least 30 minits on this road.
I had heard a lot of ghost stories.
I actually afraid and fear.
My hair stand on end,
Cold air and extraordinary silence sent chills up my spine.
At last, I got nombor 41 in Larian Kakom.

This KMM Londang Road
was poured with my sweat.

It is part of my stories.

In weekdays morning,

it is a classroom.

Lecturers are culturing their students with knowledge.

We are serious in that time.

In contrast, when it comes to evening or night,

the seriousness of TUTORIAL ROOM gone.

We, as long as students of KMM,

can enter any tutorial room.

Some of us are doing homework,

Some of us are having a chet-chat,

Some of us are having a nap,

Some of us are celebrating out

special days.

My memory in Tutorial room is unforgettable.

This is the first time that my friends prepare a birthday party for me in my entire 18 years,

I was really touched.

Thank you, my dear friends.

Stories happened in tutorial room are numerous.


Some stories are happy,

Some stories are not.

Melacca Matriculation College,

The most meaningful and unforgettable memory in part of my life.

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