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Merentas Kolej in UPM 2010

"Running, Running, Running... And Running~"
(July 25) Our university held a run for all the undergraduates. Since this program was not compulsory, many people skipped this. The one who joined most probably wanted to get merit. Merit is a mark that will determine you either next year can live in the college or not. Anyone gets no enough merit have to move out and find for another accommodation in next year. Therefore, competitors who really fond of running were no much in there.
Early in the morning, we gathered in front of cafeteria’s college 17. The bus fetched us to the venue, Astaka Seni. I had a very high expectation on this event, so I ate my breakfast in 5am and drank a lot of water. The toilet in Astaka Seni has a changing room where over there has mirrors in all direction. My narcissism rose up. With my camera, I went to that room and kept taking photos. (XD)
Pose... Pose... Pose!
We, from College seventeenth, were the earliest to reach there. So, we spent a lot of time waiting. Around 8.30am, we did the warm-up activity. First category was man open. Soon, all the men climbed up the hill and stood behind the starting point to get ready. As usual, I fight for the most front place. 3, 2,1, start! Everyone spurted from the starting point.
This is the starting and ending point~

7.3km is no long. My estimation is about 45 minutes. Long distance run is fun. Before the run, you are very excited and look down upon the distance. I used to say: “7.3km only ar? Why don’t make it 10km? 7.3km can be finished no more than 1 hour!” However when you are in the process of running, you will regret and complain about yourself. A normal person will feel hard after running continuously for 7 minutes. Then that is the time, you will keep asking, where is the ending point? Running, running, and running, you may use all the energy left to rush to ending point. After this, sense of satisfaction comes automatically; especially you gain back your strength. Then, your attitude will turn back to the one before ran. You may use a furniture word to describe run just now. “Chair! (Ceh)”
hahaa... I knew is cold~
Today, I am not in good condition. I was afraid the history of my left knee repeats. I am no good in describing pain, even by using mother tongue. My right chest was painful when I run. I had no idea why it happened. I stick to my principle of long distance running.
1. Run consistently
2. Don’t rush
3. Don’t rest
4. Maintain the rhythm of breathing
5. Listen to fast beat music!
I couldn’t get any music player like mp3. My Nokia phone was broken and can only play music in one-side of earphone. Another one cannot be played. Actually I was very sad that Zhen Hong, my roommate refused to borrow his i-pod to me. So, I run with my mobile phone, which was playing music loudly. I was quite not satisfied with today performance. This time, I was very LAZY. Many people overtook me, I was not spiritual as the run beforejust let them overtook me. The saddest thing was, I rested so frequent. In the end, I finished 7.3km in 43minutes 5 seconds and 76 milliseconds (43:05:75) and got number 44. Only the top 20 has medal… T.T

My number and my comrade-in-arms (Nokia Express Music)
‘M’ for Melacca! KMM gang rock!
My KMM gang, I was very happy to see you all in here. Yoke Yin, as usual, a good and consistent runner, this time I think she did the best, number 10! But alas, Swee Ching, was a good runner also in MMC, was no doing well in this running event. Taking Yoke Yin’s medal in hand, my mind had made it clear. I want to fight for top 20 in next year!
My next year target- tenth!!!

Something unhappy happened. Our girl top runner in College seventeenth, Michelle, who was the second girl reached to the ending point, was disqualified. We were so curious. Our facilitator, Firdaus helped her to ask for the reason. The organiser gave an answer: “second, third and fourth runners didn’t run for a slope.” The problem is, there is no fingerpost or even university assistance in that junction! Michelle didn’t know the path of this running event. She had no intention to cheat. How could they disqualify the contestant just like this? It made people angry. Furthermore, they put their blaming finger to MPP even exasperated us. They said that it was not their fault. It was because of other teams didn’t plan well. Hey, they passed the buck to other. Then, I'm sure that the other pass the buck to another…

Michelle cried. Her effort didn’t get paid. After this, I just knew that she is national long-distance-running athlete. Sigh, that’s one of the reasons why our talented and qualified people don’t prefer to stay in here. Our own country doesn’t appreciate contribution from them. Other countries use lucrative monetary return and fair system as their attraction. That why our graduates or top scholars practise their profession not in our country. I hope earnestly that this kind of incident won’t happen again.

All tired faces- College seventeenth
My coursemate- College seventeenth, posing randomly~
First boy runner in medic first year-eleventh in this running event!

1. You see,Mr. Blame looked so ‘innocent’!

1. Our pitiful Michelle, please don’t cry. In our heart, you still win the run!

Yee Ser and Hui Wen ran back in the same time. Yee Ser got 489th but Hui Wen got nothing. We all queued in a line in order to get number. Since girls queued in a very long line. However, the numbers were limited. They all cut line and behave underbred to fight for number. Especially to the last ten number (490-500th ). We could see all girl contestant s surround the university assistance and snatch the numbers. It was totally ugly and ill-mannered.
Thanks Yee Ser for accompanying me to go hospital for lunch. So sorry, because hospital is far and expensive. Yee Ser, a typical type of girl, the cashier charged her until 9 ringgits although only a lunch with a cup of plain water! However, we had a nice talk. You told me that you have some health problem , I feel so sad. Really hope that I can help.

Modern dance starts to practise. So, buddies, Let’s dance tonight! Ring Ding Dong…Ring Ding Dong

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