Friday, July 30, 2010

My Hope for the intercollege Squash Competition


Really hope that we can win.

We had practised everyday before the competition

of the intercollege.

The more we trained, the more confidence we lost.

We could see the huge difference between us and experts.

First college we meet is KOMSASS.

We have a very low possibility to win.



Friends, let's try our best in this Saturday.

The result is not important,

just give your best and leave no regret! 




K17 squash representative.. All newbies but with new rackets





We was playing our new rackets~ 

Prince F3 Agile Squash Racquet

Nano Ti.Speed Alloy Pack Squash Racquet (Strung)

Prince AirO Lightning Prestrung Squash Racquet with Case


  1. Hey, im a squash player too. Haha. Have to meet when we have the chance. Although its really hard but chances do come by.

    Justin Tan / KMM junior

  2. U will be shocked when u entered university..
    mostly Uni undergraduates cant play as well as Matrix students..
    As you know, I learnt squash in KMM..
    Just play for fun...
    I am still new.. Cant play with expert like u~